Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Fate Series- Updates

Hi Everyone,

Ok, I wanted to give you the scoop on Defying Fate the second book in the Fate Series.

After the release of Fate's Design, Alex and I ran off on vacation and we haven't exactly been cooperating with Lola... I know I know you guys want the rest of the story, but Ibiza is so fun in the summer.

I know that you are thirsty for some more from the Fate series so... I wanted to sneak and tell you something’s:

1. Lola is writing a short for a anthology that will feature that skank Nicoleta (boo hiss) it's about villains so I guess it's only right.

2. The next book (Defying Fate) might not come out until the winter... sorry it's my fault not Lola's

3. It's rumored that she will make the series a trilogy but nothing can be confirmed until we start cooperating.

Anyway I hope you are not mad at Lola or me and Alex, but you know girls just wanna have fun!

Until I return Ciao,

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