Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Introductions- Evan

Hey Y'all!

Well my girlfriend Morgan mentioned me on her post, but I thought I should introduce myself...

I'm Evan Black, I'm originally from Corpus Christi, Texas where my father was in the Navy, before we moved to San Diego, and I met the love of my life Morgan!

I'm just glad that all that Valentine stuff is over... It's expensive to be Morgan's boyfriend.

Morgan isn't like the girls in Texas, and she lets me know that every chance she gets that she's sophisticated (whatever that means). I reckon that's a good thing though, I mean it's nothing wrong with the girls in Texas, but Morgan is just different. She lives life to the fullest every day, and I usually got no idea what she's talking about, but I love her just the same.

But I guess I should play that same game Megan and Morgan played when I tell you stuff about myself.

Ok, who am I? Didn't I just answer that question?

My Birthday: February 1, 1993 Yeah, I'm younger than Morgan but it's not age that matters it's size!

Relationship: Do I have to repeat myself?

Favorite Song: Walking Contradiction by James Wesley (because I am)

Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight Movies! Batman is so Kick-Ass  (I hate those girlie movies that Morgan drags me to.)

My most prize possession: My Snake Skin Cowboy boots, I wear them every day oh, and my letter man jacket!

My favorite color: Seriously.... How bout something manly like my motto this is way too girlie for me!

My motto is: When you love someone, you gotta love it all. Otherwise it ain't love. (Yeah, Imma softy, but I stole that can't remember from where though...)

And how about my favorite car: A big  4x4 Chevy truck with a crew cab! Just thinking about that makes me miss Texas...

Lastly my favorite part in Fate's Design: Well I'm not in it enough for my taste, but I love when Morgan comes home from Italy! That is the best part! ;)

I guess that's it I ain't got nothin' else to talk bout!


- Ev

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Introductions - Morgan and It's Valentine's Day!

Oh how I love Valentine's Day! I'm Morgan the sexy twin sister to Megan (can't you tell by my profile picture)!

Evan, my boyfriend, took that picture of me. Isn't he a cutie!  

But getting back to ME (that is why you're here)... I have so much to say in such a little time! Megan asked me to write something about Valentine's Day but I thought I should introduce myself first then post something about Valentine's Day!

Well who am I you ask besides being the sexy-flirty-fashion-loving twin to Megan?
My Birthday is October 30, 1991, (yes we have different birthdays) I am older a two minutes Megan was born after on 31.
My Relationship: Of course, I am in love with Evan but it doesn't hurt to flirt!  
My Favorite song: Moves like Jaggers because I do have moves like jaggers!
My Favorite movie: The Sweetest Thing! I'm a sucker for chick flicks
My most prized possession: My clothes and shoes (especially my hot pink stilettos I scored in Italy)
My favorite color: Hot Pink but I look good in any color!
Lastly my Favorite part of Fate's Design: Any parts that include me! Duh!

But now I am going to get serious!

Valentine's Day is the special day that guys go out and buy flowers, candy, and gifts for their girls. I mean not to say that they shouldn't do that everyday BUT on Valentine's you get the same but more!

I remember my first Valentine's Day with Evan... He didn't know what to do he had never had such a sophisticated girlfriend like me, but he went with tradition and bought me a dozen roses (pink ones) and some truffles (that I gave to Megan) but the sweetest part was he wrote me a poem. It was so cute just like him. I hope he won't mind me sharing this but here's the poem:

"Morgan, Morgan I love you more, than my cowboy boots that I adore. From your cute little nose to your lushes lips and I can't resist those hips...."

Maybe I shouldn't share it... but you get the idea! Anyway, I need to wrap this up… I am not a writer!

So I hope your V-day is as special as I KNOW mine will be and if not there is always next year!



Oh and p.s. Toni from Bound to Remember has a blog now too http://spellboundseries.blogspot.com/ she's such a copy cat.... but go see what she up too!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fate's Design Introductions - Megan

I guess I should start off by saying Hi or Ciao! I'm Megan not to be confused with my twin sister Morgan.

Anyway I started this blog because Ms. Lola James told me she let you in on a sneak peek of Fate's Design, so I thought I'd blog a little about it! But first let me tell you about me!

Who am I: I'm Megan twin to Morgan and lover of coffee and gelato (especially the coffee flavor)!

My Birthday: October 31, 1991

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Relationship: Well, it's pretty complicated... when you read Fate's Design you'll see...

Favorite Song: Someone like you - Adele

Favorite Color: Hmmmm ... I'll go with White!

Favorite Item: My Ugg boots (they are so comfy)

Worse fear: That would be my dreams they're so scary!

Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman... it's a running joke! lol Oh and Troy! (I love you Brad Pitt)

Most prized possession: *sigh* My Journal!

Person I love the most: Morgan but that could change ;)  

OK, Lola told me that's enough (she's scared I might give something away).

Next time I might let Morgan introduce herself, but I'll need to think about that.




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