Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Introductions - Morgan and It's Valentine's Day!

Oh how I love Valentine's Day! I'm Morgan the sexy twin sister to Megan (can't you tell by my profile picture)!

Evan, my boyfriend, took that picture of me. Isn't he a cutie!  

But getting back to ME (that is why you're here)... I have so much to say in such a little time! Megan asked me to write something about Valentine's Day but I thought I should introduce myself first then post something about Valentine's Day!

Well who am I you ask besides being the sexy-flirty-fashion-loving twin to Megan?
My Birthday is October 30, 1991, (yes we have different birthdays) I am older a two minutes Megan was born after on 31.
My Relationship: Of course, I am in love with Evan but it doesn't hurt to flirt!  
My Favorite song: Moves like Jaggers because I do have moves like jaggers!
My Favorite movie: The Sweetest Thing! I'm a sucker for chick flicks
My most prized possession: My clothes and shoes (especially my hot pink stilettos I scored in Italy)
My favorite color: Hot Pink but I look good in any color!
Lastly my Favorite part of Fate's Design: Any parts that include me! Duh!

But now I am going to get serious!

Valentine's Day is the special day that guys go out and buy flowers, candy, and gifts for their girls. I mean not to say that they shouldn't do that everyday BUT on Valentine's you get the same but more!

I remember my first Valentine's Day with Evan... He didn't know what to do he had never had such a sophisticated girlfriend like me, but he went with tradition and bought me a dozen roses (pink ones) and some truffles (that I gave to Megan) but the sweetest part was he wrote me a poem. It was so cute just like him. I hope he won't mind me sharing this but here's the poem:

"Morgan, Morgan I love you more, than my cowboy boots that I adore. From your cute little nose to your lushes lips and I can't resist those hips...."

Maybe I shouldn't share it... but you get the idea! Anyway, I need to wrap this up… I am not a writer!

So I hope your V-day is as special as I KNOW mine will be and if not there is always next year!



Oh and p.s. Toni from Bound to Remember has a blog now too http://spellboundseries.blogspot.com/ she's such a copy cat.... but go see what she up too!


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